Database Write-Back Tableau Extension: How to Write the Code

The purpose of this series of articles is to help the reader understand each step necessary to implement a Tableau extension that will write to a database. The reader should gain a base understanding from which to move on from this example. The target reader is a corporate power-user, i.e. a smart person with technical aptitude who isn’t necessarily a professional developer.

There are lots of other great Tableau extension how-to articles out there (tableaumagic, tableaufansgunningfortableau, Tableau samples), but they each assume prior knowledge of base skills. In contrast, the goal of this series articles is to explain each technical leap in detail. This article series may try your patience if you already understand modern JavaScript web app technologies, so you might want to just grab the code from github and start from there, or hit the other blogs above.

Feedback welcome of course.

– Larry

Author: Larry Clark

Larry has been a Tableau employee since October of 2018. Prior to Tableau, Larry was a BI consultant for Catapult Systems. Prior to Catapult, Larry was in DB/BI technical sales for Microsoft for >20 years.

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